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GSMA Supports Thai Government's Move to Open 3G Auction

The GSM Association has welcomed and supported the Thai Government initiative to license the 2100MHz spectrum band for 3G Mobile Broadband. The GSMA urged the government to proceed with the license auction without delay. more

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Packet One Gets Permission to Expand WiMAX Coverage

Malaysian WiMAX network operator, Packet One (P1) says that it has received the necessary approvals to also roll out its WiMAX service in East Malaysia. more

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WiMAX in Emerging markets: A niche rather than mass market

WiMAX has struggled to establish a foothold in the mature broadband markets of Europe, North America and Asia. There is both hope and expectation that the emerging markets, with their low fixed-line penetration, will be key hunting ground for WiMAX. But is there really a big market for WiMAX in the emerging markets? more

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4.6 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2009

The ITU is reporting that mobile growth is continuing unabated, with global mobile subscriptions expected to reach 4.6 billion by the end of the year, and mobile broadband subscriptions to top 600 million in 2009, having overtaken fixed broadband subscribers in 2008. more

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WiMAX Network Expansion Planned for Mozambique

Foris Telecom says that it has awarded a WiMAX network expansion contract to Runcom Technologies covering its network in Mozambique. more

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Self-managing internet applications flex their muscles

A European research project that incubates self-managing internet applications is paying off. It has inspired a Wikipedia that's better than the original and super-efficient streaming video, with more to come. more

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Emerging markets need a practical approach for mobile broadband to succeed

Although low fixed-line and PC penetration in developing markets provides an opportunity for mobile broadband to become a viable fixed-line alternative, for operators to succeed, 'pragmatism' must be the watchword in terms of access technology, devices, deployment and market approach. more

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