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Turning Soldiers' Helmets into a Wireless Mesh Network

Engineers at Vanderbilt University's Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) have developed a system that can give soldiers just such an edge by turning their combat helmets into "smart nodes" in a wireless sensor network. more

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High Use of Mobile Phones at Home for Mobile Internet Browsing

Orange has published the results of a survey commissioned to reveal the role of mobile media usage within the broader media landscape.  more

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The big challenge for the mobile industry in emerging markets

According to a new report by Ovum, reaching and profitably serving low-income users will be one of the biggest challenges for the mobile industry in emerging markets. more

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Track your fitness, environmental impact with cell phone applications

Planning on gobbling a few extra treats this holiday season? Soon, your cell phone may be able to help you maintain your exercise routine and keep the pounds off over winter months, without your having to lift a finger to keep track. more

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Yankee Group Says the Mobile Internet Must Be Open

At Mobile Internet World 2008, Yankee Group released a new report that determines the success of the mobile internet depends on its ability to become a standardized open environment, like the fixed internet.  more

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25th Anniversary of the 1st Commercial Mobile Phone Call

The US wireless industry trade body, the CTIA has noted that this month marks the 25th anniversary of the first commercial cellular call in the United States.  more

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Mexico's Senate Approves Bill For Mobile Phone Database

Mexican senators voted overwhelmingly Thursday in favor of a bill calling for the creation of a national database of mobile phone users, proposed as a way to combat crime committed using cell phones. more

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Teenagers are Shaping and Reshaping Their Wireless World

A generation widely defined by mobility, today's teenagers are now making demands of their mobile devices and, in doing so, redefining what mobility will be in the future, according to a US survey, published by the US trade body - the CTIA, in conjunction with Harris Interactive. more

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