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Mobile Computing and Consumer Electronics Devices to Drive the Next Wave of Rapid GPS Growth

Although cellular handset will continue to dominate shipments of devices with integrated GPS, the next growth spurt will come from mobile consumer electronics and mobile computing applications,  more

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'Sleep talking' PCs save energy and money

Personal computers may soon save large amounts of energy by "sleep talking." Computer scientists at UC San Diego and Microsoft Research have created a plug-and-play hardware prototype for personal computers that induces a new energy saving state known as "sleep talking." more

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Motorola to Expand Taiwanese WiMAX Network

Taiwan's Far EasTone Telecom (FET) has awarded Motorola additional contracts to expand its WiMAX network in Taichung, Taiwan. more

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The Technology Generation Gap in the Workplace

A national survey of American white collar workers found that while technology is widely embraced among working professionals, significant gaps exist among generations regarding its use and application in the workplace.  more

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Mobile Internet Usage is Driving a New Wave of Mobile Banking Services

Moving well beyond simple text-based balance updates, Mobile Banking 2.0 will capitalize on customers’ increasing mobile internet use to carry out complex transactions and introduce novel ways to reach customers through the mobile medium. more

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80% of Healthcare IT Executives Placing Increased Reliance on Mobility

More than 80 percent of global IT decision makers within the healthcare industry stated that mobile technologies are more important to their organizations today than they were in 2008, according to a recent research study commissioned by Motorola. more

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Sun Dial uses mobile phones to alert Muslims to prayer

Religious technology may seem like an oxymoron, but as more people obtain mobile phones, iPhones and other devices to help them manage their lives, it's only natural that many of them will be using their gadgets to help them enrich their spiritual life as well. more

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Nokia Adds Hotmail Support to Mobile Email Platform

Nokia has added Windows Live (Hotmail) email support to its own Nokia Messaging platform. Nokia Messaging is currently free to download and set-up, and supports the world's most popular email accounts  more

Related Tags: nokia, sim, tim, wind, iden, windows, nokia-e71, windows-live, nokia-messaging, email, aol, qwerty

Mobile advertising on social networking sites must drive two-way interaction

The publication of the new white paper, highlights that in the personal world of mobile social networks, advertising that encourages two-way interaction between advertisers and consumers will be more successful than conventional push style banner ads. more

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Charging Cellphones With Just a Wave of your Hand

Imagine if all you had to do to charge your iPod or your BlackBerry was to wave your hand, or stretch your arm, or take a walk? You could say goodbye to batteries and never have to plug those devices into a power source again. more

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