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Pantech to File for Bankruptcy This Week

South Korea's struggling mobile phone manufacturer, Pantech plans to file for bankruptcy again this week after its latest attempt to stave of receivership failed. more

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Micromax Denies Interest in South Korea's Pantech

India's second largest mobile phone manufacturer, Micromax has denied media reports that it is interested in buying a stake in South Korea's struggling Pantech. more

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South Korean Handset Manufacturer, Pantech Seeks Debt Restructuring

South Korean handset manufacturer, Pantech has again filed for debt restructuring with its largest creditor in the latest in a long line of attempts to turn the firm around. more

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Samsung Buys Stake in Local Handset Manufacturer

Samsung is buying a minority stake in the local handset manufacturer, Pantech, making it the third largest shareholder in the company. more

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FlashPoint Technology Files Patent Protest Against Huawei, ZTE and HTC

HTC, Pantech, Huawei and ZTE are to be investigated by the USA's International Trade Commission (USITC) over allegations of patent infringements following a complaint by FlashPoint Technology. more

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Verizon Wireless Admits Handover Delay on LTE Network

USA based Verizon Wireless has acknowledged that subscribers using its LTE network can experience a delay of up to two minutes during the handover from 3G to LTE networks if using one of their USB modems.  more

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Caltech Sues Nokia, LG, et al Over Camera Patents

The USA's California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has launched a lawsuit against Nokia, LG, Pantech and a number of chipmakers more

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InterDigital Takes Minority Stake in Korean Handset Manufacturer

InterDigital says that it has signed a patent licensing deal with South Koran handset manufacturer, Pantech and also taken a minority equity interest in the company.  more

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Qualcomm Takes Stake in Handset Manufacturer in Lieu of Debt

Qualcomm has agreed to convert debt owed to it by Korean handset manufacturer into equity in the company.  more

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Apple, Motorola et al Sued Over Music Recognition Software

A US based company, Tune Hunter, Inc. is suing a raft of companies for allegedly infringing a patent relating to identifying music by a digital signature. The service is largely similar to widely known music identification service provided by Shazam. more

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