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Virgin Media Running LTE Trials in London

Virgin Media has started UK trials of LTE picocells supplied by Airspan Networks for major metropolitan areas. more

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Aerohive Networks Deploys Wi-Fi Network in Oxford University

Aerohive Networks says that it has deployed a campus-wide Wi-Fi network for the UK based Oxford Brookes University.  more

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Watch Particle Collisions at CERN Live on a Smartphone

A new Android app allows users to watch particle collisions at Geneva's CERN research lab live on their smartphones.  more

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Investment in ICT Could Add EUR 760 Billion to European Economy by 2020

Research finds that if Europe increases its investment in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to match levels elsewhere in the world, it could reap hundreds of billions of Euros of additional GDP thanks to faster productivity growth. more

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LG to Offer 3D Augmented Reality on Optimus 3D Smartphone

LG Electronics, in collaboration with augmented reality (AR) developer, Wikitude, has announced the adoption of the world's first three dimensional AR browser on its upcoming LG Optimus 3D smartphone. more

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Milton Keynes in the slow lane for UK mobile broadband speeds

The Buckinghamshire town, which is less than an hour outside of London, has to endure an average 3G mobile broadband speed of just 1.73Mbps, which is around 45% slower than the average speeds in Britain's 3G hotspot towns and cities. more

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New words in Oxford Dictionaries Online. Woot!

The Oxford English Dictionary's online edition has added a range of new words to its library - including several with a specific telecoms meaning.  more

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Cameras of the future: heart researchers create revolutionary photographic technique

Scientists have developed a revolutionary way of capturing a high-resolution still image alongside very high-speed video - a new technology that is attractive for science, industry and consumer sectors alike. more

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Playing Tetris Games Can Help Reduce Post-Traumatic Stresses

Playing the classic computer game, 'Tetris' after traumatic events could reduce the flashbacks experienced in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), preliminary research by Oxford University psychologists suggests. more

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Project to Help Digital Cameras Build a Bigger Picture from Tiny Particles

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have received 500,000 funding to investigate ways of improving the quality of digital camera images through the manipulation of tiny particles. more

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