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Beware: $145 Billion Boom in Telecommunications Outsourcing is Not a Cure-All

The Yankee Group is warning that the current boom in outsourcing and managed services won’t cure all problems that communications service providers (CSPs) currently face.  more

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The Mobile Operators Business: Turning Inside Out and Upside Down

Traditionally the mobile operators that have had the all-important role in the mobile value chain - and they never really had any other intention than playing first violin. This is why the mobile operators have constantly try to maximise their controlling position in the value chain by e.g. retaining a great number of different work processes and competencies in-house within their own organisations. The operators have naturally had business partners - but wherever possible the operators have played solo. more

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Making international MMS easier for ringtone providers

Comfone has announced the extension of its MMS eXchange (MMSX) service to content providers and content aggregators, offering them the possibility to access international mobile operators via a single link to the Comfone MMSX platform. Also, mobile operators are no longer required to set up additional links to each provider as their existing MMSX connection can be used. more

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