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Windows Phone OS to Overtake Apple iPhone by 2015 - Report

The worldwide smartphone market is forecast to grow 55% year over year in 2011 as a growing number of users turn in their feature phones for more advanced devices.  more

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Symbian Still Leading in Malaysian Smartphone Market

2010 was a boom year for the mobile phone industry in Malaysia, as consumers snapped up over 24 percent more units of mobile phone; growing the overall value of the industry by 30 percent compared to the year before.  more

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Android Overtook Nokia as Top Selling Smartphone OS in Q4 2010

The Google backed Android smartphone platform has overtook Nokia's Symbian OS during the last quarter of 2010, according to figures released by Canalys. more

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Microsoft Reported to be Developing Mobile OS for ARM Based Smartphones

Microsoft is reportedly planning to port its next Windows Operating System to work on chips designed by UK based ARM Holdings - whose low-power chips are used in most of the smart phones on the market. more

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Samsung Outlines Upgrade Plans for its Bada Smartphone OS

Samsung has outlined some of the plans for its own smartphone OS, Bada which it expects to offer next year. more

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Inexpensive Smartphones Will Become the Smartest Choice in 2011

After a disastrous 2009, and a noteworthy recovery in 2010, the global handset market will grow roughly 8 percent in total handset unit sell-through in 2011, resulting in more than 1.4 billion devices sold. more

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Europeans Embrace Advanced OS and Touchscreen Technologies

The very latest GfK Retail and Technology figures indicate two clear trends in handset preference for the European consumer; phones with an advanced Operating System (OS) and touchscreen technology. more

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Mobile Tablets Become Epicenter for Convergence

After decades of discussion, the convergence of consumer, computer and communications is finally becoming a reality with the arrival of Apple's iPad and competing tablets, a development that will have massive implications for the technology world, more

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New Photo of Rumoured HTC Smartphone for Sprint Network

Rumours of a new HTC supplied smartphone for the USA Sprint network gained further fuel over the weekend with the release on the SprintUsers discussion forum of what was claimed to be a photo of the new phone.  more

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Apple Disables Jailbreak Detection in Latest iOS Upgrade

Apple's latest upgrade to the iPhone operating system has removed a feature added only six months ago - the ability to detect handsets that have been unlocked, or jailbroken as they are known more

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