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OPhone 2.0 Platform Debuts in Beijing

Samsung has shown off the first phone - the Oscar I7680 - that will run on the updated OPhone 2.0 smartphone operating system. The OPhone platform is based on Android, and customised for the Chinese market by China Mobile. more

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China Mobile Shows Off First Ophones

China Mobile has shown off the first smartphones that will be using its own operating system, branded the Ophone. more

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China Mobile Profits Up; But ARPU Down

The Hong-Kong listed arm of China Mobile has reported that its first quarter profits rose by 5.2% compared to the year before, to reach US$3.69 billion.  more

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China Mobile Close to Launching 3G "Google Phone"

China Mobile is reported to be nearing a launch of a smartphone based on the Google backed, Android operating system - a source close the matter told the South China Morning Post. more

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