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UPDATE: Google Unveils Android Smartphone for T-Mobile

Google, Tuesday unveiled its first Android-powered smartphone for T-Mobile USA as the Internet giant hopes to shake up the wireless industry. more

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CTIA Wireless Show to Focus on Open Network Opportunities

The wireless industry will tout the benefits and business opportunities from open networks at this year's CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment trade show when it starts Wednesday. more

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Microsoft faces Pressure from Smartphone OS Alliances

With the smartphone world increasingly shifting toward an open operating system model, Microsoft and its Windows Mobile face another obstacle in trying to penetrate the consumer market. more

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Firefox Mobile Browser Developers Joins Mobile Linux Group

The mobile Linux OS trade group, LiMo Foundation has announced the addition of Infineon Technologies, Kvaleberg, Mozilla (the group behind the Firefox web browser), Red Bend Software, Sagem Mobiles, SFR, SK Telecom and Verizon Wireless as new member companies.  more

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Verizon CEO Wants to Spur Innovation With Open Model

Verizon Wireless wants to be an "on-ramp to innovation," said Verizon Communications Chairman and Chief Executive Ivan Seidenberg. more

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Verizon Wireless to Open Network to 3rd Party Apps, Devices

Verizon Wireless said Tuesday that it would allow any device or software to run on its wireless network as it heeds the industry call for more openness. more

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Google in Talks With Verizon on Mobile Push: WSJ

Google is in discussions with Verizon Wireless to bring cell phones to market customized for Google's software, according to a report Tuesday in the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. more

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