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Palm Pre Stands to Shake Up Smart Phone Status Quo

Palm's new Pre smart phone holds strong potential for robust sales growth, and may have a major influence on other platforms as well as the technology supply chain, according to iSuppli Corp. more

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Palm Pre Aims at the iPhone, Preliminary Cost Analysis Reveals

Palm is aiming high with its new Pre, a smart phone that rival's Apple's iPhone in terms of slickness - and in terms of hardware features - according to a virtual teardown conducted by iSuppli. more

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Consumer Demand Steady for iPhone, BlackBerry - But What About the Palm Pre?

In recent years, ChangeWave consumer surveys have chronicled a seismic shift to smart phones, with Apple and Research In Motion locked in a two-horse race while most of their competitors have been caught in a downward spiral. more

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Smartphone Market Share Increased Rapidly Worldwide According to AdMob

Mobile advertising agency, AdMob has reported that despite challenging economic conditions, smartphones continued to gain significant market share worldwide over the past six months, rising from 26 percent to 33 percent of hits to its adserver platform in February 2009. more

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Smartphones Take a Third of Mobile Advertising Impressions

Mobile advertising agency, AdMob has highlighted explosive iPod Touch growth and smartphone Operating System (OS) market share in its December 2008 Mobile Metrics Report. more

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Palm Loses Over Half a Billion Dollars in Three Months

Venerable, yet troubled smartphone and PDA vendor, Palm has reported a loss of over half a billion dollars for the second quarter of its fiscal year.  more

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Maturing Palm Centro Again Signals Need for Innovation

As Palm is learning, consumers are a fickle bunch. Having ridden the success of the slimmer, cheaper Centro for nearly a year, President and Chief Executive Ed Colligan warned that the device was reaching maturation, suggesting slowing sales. more

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Palm Looks to Keep Pace With New Treo for Sprint

Palm unveiled a new Treo for Sprint Nextel as it hopes to stay afloat in the rising tide of the smartphone market. more

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Smart Phone Battle Transforms into Two-Way Race Between RIM and Apple

The battle for supremacy in the smart phone industry has transformed into a two-way race between Research in Motion's BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone, according to a March 17 to 24 ChangeWave survey of 3,597 consumers. more

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Smartphone Software Trends Published for 2007

For the first time in Yardstick history, Entertainment content was the leading sales category, moving from third place in 2006, signaling a consumer shift in using smartphones not just for business and productivity-related activities. more

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