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Mobile Linux Smarphone Specifications Updated

The Mobile Linux handset trade group, LiMo Foundation has announced the completion of specifications for the second release of the LiMo Platform (R2). more

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Android based Netbooks to Emerge in 2009

The upwards view of netbooks starts with netbooks and looks up to laptops. It leads to two conclusions. First, the laptop market is becoming increasingly complex, with market segments catered for by a growing variety of low-cost netbooks and laptops. more

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Economic Slowdown Accelerates Linux Growth in Mobile Handsets

With deteriorating global economic conditions making their impact felt in the wireless industry, handset OEMs and mobile network operators are looking to Linux-based operating systems to cut costs and diversify their handset portfolios. more

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Mobile Linux Group Selects Wind River As Systems Integrator

The Mobile Linux organisation, the LiMo Foundation has selected Wind River as the systems integrator to deliver the common infrastructure, tools, testing and integration services for the LiMo platform. more

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Mobile Operators Confirm Commitment to Mobile Linux Based Phones

Mobile Linux group, the LiMo Foundation has announced a commitment from six major operator members to specify and deliver mobile phones using LiMo Platform implementations in 2009. more

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Azingo Wins Vodafone Contract for Mobile Linux Phone Applications

Vodafone has awarded a contract to mobile OS firm, Azingo to develop applications for mobile phones based on the Linux Operating System.  more

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Ubuntu to Come to Ultra-Portable Laptop Computers

Chip maker, ARM has announced that it will bring the full Linux based, Ubuntu Desktop operating system to the ARMv7 processor architecture, which will be used in small notebook computers. more

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Report Reveals Manufacturing Cost of T-Mobile's Google Phone

The T-Mobile G1 smart phone, the first wireless handset to be based on Google’s Android mobile operating system, carries a Bill-of-Materials (BOM) cost of $143.89, according to a virtual teardown conducted by iSuppli. more

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Nokia Launches Upgraded S60 Smartphone OS

With S60 5th Edition, the user interface is extended by the introduction of touch and with full support for tactile feedback. Enhanced display resolution support and a new Widescreen mode further compliments the touch UI and enables engaging visual experiences. more

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Open Source OS Assists Chinese Development of the Smart Phone Market

A report from Chinese research firm, CCID Consulting shows that the sales volume of smart phones in China's market in the first half of 2008 reached 15.671 million sets, up 32.1% over H1 2007, and the sales revenue reached 37.74 billion Yuan, up 25.7% over H1 2007. more

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