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O2 Changes Tariff Terms to Evade Regulatory Rules

UK based O2 has modified its tariff terms and conditions in a way that enables it to avoid letting customers end their contracts if it puts prices up in the middle of a contract. more

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O2 Warns that Radio Spectrum Caps May be Illegal

Telefonica O2 is claiming that the conditions being attached to the UK's forthcoming radio spectrum auction could be interpreted as being a form of illegal state aid to some of the other network operators. more

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O2 Tops UK Mobile Broadband Speed/Latency Tests

The percentage of UK households relying entirely on mobile broadband for their internet access has more than doubled over the past year to 7% of the UK, with 17% using mobile broadband for at least some of their internet access needs. more

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Three UK Might Have to Sell to a Larger Rival to Survive

Hutchison 3G UK (Three), the country's smallest of five mobile networks has warned that it may have to merge with another network operator if it is unable to secure sufficient radio spectrum in next year's 4G license auction. more

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O2 Loses UK Appeal Over GSM Spectrum Reuse for 3G Services

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has ruled that the telecoms regulator was right in not granting an automatic right to offer 3G services over the 900Mhz spectrum to the two incumbent license holders, O2 and Vodafone. more

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Legal Action Could Delay UK's LTE Spectrum Auction

The threat of legal action could delay the UK's planned radio spectrum auction next year which is aiming to release capacity for LTE networks, reports the Financial Times.  more

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UK Starts Consultation on Revamping Radio Spectrum Management

The UK's government has launched a consultation setting out its intention to implement a series of recommendations made by the Independent Spectrum Broker (ISB), Kip Meek, on how to make the best use of radio spectrum. more

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UK: a way out of the spectrum re-farm deadlock?

Kip Meek's solution to the deadlock is to introduce a spectrum cap. Under these proposals for Vodafone and O2 to gain access to the digital dividend (at 800MHz) they must first give up some 900MHz. more

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UK Planning a Shake-Up of Radio Spectrum

The UK government has published details of plans to revamp radio spectrum management which could resolve a long-running battle between the two original mobile networks.  more

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Ofcom Outlines Revised Plans for 900Mhz Spectrum

The UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom has revised its plans to liberalise the management of the radio spectrum - which is says will offer faster and more reliable wireless broadband services. more

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