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Nokia Files Second Patent Complaint Against Apple with the USA's ITC

Nokia has filed a further complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that Apple infringes additional Nokia patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets and computers. more

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ITC Judge Says Apple Did Not Infringe on Nokia Patents

Apple has won a round in the tit-for-tat patent battle with Nokia after a judge with the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Apple had not infringed five of Nokia's patents. more

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Nokia Wins Appeal Over $16 Billion Patent Lawsuit

German patent holding company, IPCom has lost an appeal against Nokia for allegedly infringing its patent portfolio.  more

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Apple Seeks to Get Nokia Patent Declared to be Invalid

The ongoing legal fight between Nokia and Apple has escalated again as Apple has filed another lawsuit in the UK against Nokia.  more

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Update: Nokia sues Apple over patents in iPhone, iPad

Nokia is suing Apple in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands for allegedly infringing its patents with technology used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. more

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Nokia Files Additional Lawsuits Against Apple

Nokia has stepped up its legal battle with Apple and today filed claims, alleging that Apple infringes its patents in many of its products sold in these countries, more

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Nokia Gets a Good Start to Apple's Patent Battle

Nokia got off to a good start on the first day of hearings into a patent dispute launched by Apple, after the International Trade Commission (ITC) said that the evidence shows no violation of Apple's patents. more

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Motorola and Nokia Announce 4G Licensing Agreement

Motorola and Nokia have jointly announced that the companies have entered into a 4G license agreement.  more

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Apple Takes Legal Fight Against Nokia to the UK

Apple has expanded its ongoing legal action against Nokia over patent claims, by launching legal action in the UK as well as the existing lawsuits in the USA. more

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ITC Starts Hearing Evidence in InterDigital Patent Claims Against Nokia

The evidentiary hearing in the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) investigation against Nokia - requested by InterDigital started today. more

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