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NII Holdings Misses Debt Repayment Deadline

Latin American mobile network operator, NII Holdings has defaulted on a payment of just under US$119 million in interest payments on its debt. more

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Moody's downgrades NII Holdings over Bankruptcy Concerns

NII Holdings -- which operates Nextel branded services in Latin America -- has had its debt ratings downgraded as the company faces the possibility of falling into bankruptcy. more

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NII Holdings Subscriber Base Shrinks and Posts Q1 Financial Loss

NII Holdings -- which operates Nextel branded networks across Southern America -- had reported that its first quarter subscriber base shrunk by 52,000, taking its down to 9.4 million customers. more

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NII Holdings Hires bankers to Look at Possible Sale of the Company

Latin American mobile network operator, NII Holdings is studying options that could see a sale of the entire company as it struggles to pay debt in the face of a shrinking customer base. more

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NII Holdings Launches Push-to-Talk Service for the iPhone in the USA

NII Holdings, which operates Nextel branded services in Latin America says that its Push-to-Talk (PTT) app is now available the iPhone in the United States. It was already available on Android. more

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Nextel to Rent Capacity from Telefonica in Brazil and Mexico

NII Holdings has signed a national roaming agreement with Telefonica in Mexico and Brazil, expanding the range of its Nextel-branded services. more

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Over 1,400 Jobs to Go Across Latin America as NII Holdings Cuts Costs

Latin American operator, NII Holdings (Nextel) has announced over 1,400 job losses as the company attempts to cut costs more

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NII Holdings Completes Sale of Mexican Towers -- on Target for Brazilian Sale

NII Holdings has announced the completion of the previously announced transaction to sell its Mexican towers to American Tower. more

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American Tower Pays $811 Million for Fresh Tower Assets in Mexico and Brazil

American Tower has announced a deal to buy 4,456 towers in Brazil in Mexico, from NII Holdings for around US$811 million. more

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Nextel Mulls LTE Overlay for Latin American Networks

NII Holdings -- which operates a Nextel branded iDEN network in Latin America -- is considering migrating to LTE, although no decision has been taken yet. more

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