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Thailand May Mandate LTE-A for Next Radio Spectrum Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator is considering skipping LTE services, and jumping ahead to LTE-Advanced for its next batch of spectrum auctions. more

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Thai Regulator Promotes Wi-Fi for 3G Offloading, Delays it for Aircraft

Thailand's telecoms regulator has asked the 3G mobile networks to increase their use of Wi-Fi offloading in order to stem a rising tide of complaints about slow 3G download speeds. more

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Thai Regulator Proposes One-Year Transition for 1800Mhz Spectrum Users

Thailand's telecoms regulator is considering a plan that would let the state-owned networks and their private concessions continue to operate a GSM network while it prepares an auction of the spectrum they are currently using. more

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Thai Regulator Plans Auction of 1800Mhz Spectrum Next September

Thailand's telecoms regulator, the NBTC has approved plans to auction off blocks of 1800Mhz spectrum next September for use by LTE based services. more

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Thai Regulator Approves Easier GSM to 3G Migration Policies

Thailand's telecoms regulator has approved rules that will allow a customer to switch to a 3G service simply by sending a text message. more

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Thai Networks Improving 3G Download Speeds

Two of Thailand's 3G networks have seen their average download speed increase since the recent launch of their 2.1Ghz based networks. more

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Thai Networks Agree to 15% Cut in 3G Tariffs

Thailand's mobile networks have agreed to modify their 3G tariffs and reduce the costs by 15 percent as requested by the telecoms regulator. more

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Thai Regulator Accused of Not Enforcing 3G Tariff Cuts

Thailand's telecoms regulator has been accused of not properly enforcing a rule requiring the country's new 3G networks to cut the cost of their tariffs by 15 percent. more

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Thai Regulator to Audit Mobile Number Portability Requests

Thailand's telecoms regulator is seeking to audit the mobile number portability process to ensure that the mobile networks are complying with its regulations. more

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Thai Regulator to Recall 1800Mhz Spectrum when Private Concessions Expire

Thailand's telecoms regulator has confirmed that the state-owned CAT Telecom will be required to hand back its 1800Mhz spectrum when the concession agreements with True Move and AIS expire in September. more

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