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Thai Networks Agree to 15% Cut in 3G Tariffs

Thailand's mobile networks have agreed to modify their 3G tariffs and reduce the costs by 15 percent as requested by the telecoms regulator. more

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Thai Regulator Accused of Not Enforcing 3G Tariff Cuts

Thailand's telecoms regulator has been accused of not properly enforcing a rule requiring the country's new 3G networks to cut the cost of their tariffs by 15 percent. more

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Thai Regulator to Audit Mobile Number Portability Requests

Thailand's telecoms regulator is seeking to audit the mobile number portability process to ensure that the mobile networks are complying with its regulations. more

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Thai Regulator to Recall 1800Mhz Spectrum when Private Concessions Expire

Thailand's telecoms regulator has confirmed that the state-owned CAT Telecom will be required to hand back its 1800Mhz spectrum when the concession agreements with True Move and AIS expire in September. more

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Thai Regulator Toughening Requirements for Network Quality

Thailand's telecoms regulator, the NBTC has warned the three main mobile networks that their quality of service is failing to meet its higher standards. more

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Thailand Urged to Rethink Plans for TV Broadcasts in Mobile Spectrum

Thailand may need to modify its radio spectrum plans if it is to avoid interference along its borders with neighbouring countries, two international groups have warned. more

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Thai Labour Union to Sue to Block Expansion of MNP Capacity

The labour union representing employees of the state-owned mobile network, TOT has threatened to sue the telecoms regulator over plans to increase the number of Mobile Number Portability requests can be processed per day. more

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Thai Networks Scrap Expiry Dates on PrePay Credits

Thailand's mobile networks have been ordered to drop the expiry date clause from prepay credits applied to accounts pending a policy decision from the telecoms regulator, the NBTC. more

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Thai Networks to Increase Capacity of Number Portability Platform

Thailand's mobile networks have been instructed to hugely increase the capacity of their Mobile Number Portability systems in anticipation of changes to the market later this year. more

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Thailand's Largest Mobile Networks Have Limits Imposed on Cost of Voice Calls

Thailand's telecoms regulator has imposed a cap on the cost of voice calls which will see then limited to a rate of THB0.99 per minute for any mobile network with a market share in excess of 25 percent. more

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