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Thai Regulator Set to Approve Reserve Prices for Spectrum Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator has set the reserve prices for the forthcoming radio spectrum auction, setting the 900Mhz price at a 16 percent premium to that for the 1800Mhz spectrum. more

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Thai Networks Given Fresh Deadline to Migrate Customers to 3G Services

Thailand's telecoms regulator has warned two mobile networks that they have just three months to migrate their GSM customers over to replacement networks or face having the customers cut off. more

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Thai Regulator Gets Approval to Push Ahead with Spectrum Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator, the NBTC has secured approval for plans to auction additional radio spectrum later this year. more

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Thai Regulator Looking to Cut Spectrum Offered in Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator is said to be considering reducing the amount of radio spectrum being offered in an auction later this year to raise bidding pressure on the mobile networks. more

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Thai Man Killed by Electrocution from Fake iPhone Charger

An investigation into the death of of a Thai man last November has found that the iPhone charger he used was a fake that short circuited. more

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Thai Regulator Updates on Radio Spectrum Auction Plans

Thailand's telecoms regulator has approved the timeframe for the country's next batch of radio spectrum auctions, that are due to start in August. more

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Thailand to Hold Three Spectrum Auctions Later This Year

Thailand's telecoms regulator is planning to hold three separate auction later this year for radio spectrum expected to be released for use by 4G services. more

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Thai Networks Given Until June to Improve Quality of Service

Thailand's mobile network operators have been told that they have until June to improve the quality of their networks, or face the risk of losing their license as new regulations come into effect. more

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Thailand's TrueMove Facing Investigation Over Phones Promotion

Thailand's telecoms regulator has confirmed that it is investigating a swathe of complaints from TrueMove customers after a promotion appeared to go wrong. more

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Thai Regulator Pushing Ahead with Radio Spectrum Auction

Thailand's telecoms regulator, the NBTC says that it does not expect the recent political problems in the country to disrupt its planned radio spectrum auction this coming September. more

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