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Happy Birthday to the Motorola Logo

The Motorola emsignia, affectionately called "Batwing," is celebrating a major milestone - its 60th birthday. more

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Motorola Adds Remote Control for Cameraphones

Motorola has released an update for its Droid smartphones that allows remote control of the camera shutter. more

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Motorola Shows Off Low-Cost Smartphone

Motorola has launched a new smartphone -- that it announced in a fluff-laden blog post -- is targeted at the lower end of the market. more

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Motorola Shows Off Early Design for SmartWatch

One of the first devices to work with Google's new Android Wear OS has been shown off, although barely any technical details are known yet. more

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Motorola Takes Action to Seize Assets in $5.26 Billion Lawsuit

Motorola has taken a long-running lawsuit against the former owners of a Turkish mobile network to the courts in Hong Kong seeking the seizure of their assets. more

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Motorola Shows Off Cheaper Smartphone

Motorola has announced a new smartphone that it says "delivers a premium experience for a third of the price of current high-end phones" more

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Motorola Shows Off Modular Smartphone Concept

Motorola has shown off a project that could see the company develop so-called modular smartphones in the future where users bolt together components to customise their handsets. more

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Mystery Motorola Smartphone Photos Leaked

What could be a new Android smartphone from Motorola has been leaked by a usually fairly reliable Twitter account in the run up to a known Motorola product announcement. more

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Motorola Fails to Block Irish WiMAX Contract Dispute Lawsuit

Motorola has failed in a bid to secure a court order dismissing a lawsuit it is fighting in Ireland over a WiMAX network deployment contract dispute. more

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Motorola Employee Jailed After Selling Trade Secrets to Chinese Firm

A former Motorola employee has been sentenced to four year in jail after being convicted of stealing trade secrets from the company. more

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