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Altair Semiconductor Powering LTE Modem for Polish Network Operator

Altair Semiconductor has been selected by Polish mobile network operator, Mobyland to power its LTE-USB modems operating in the 1800Mhz spectrum band.  more

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Nokia Agrees to Sell its Wireless Modem Subsidiary

Nokia has decided to sell its wireless modem business to Japan's Renesas Electronics for US$200 million. The planned transfer would also include approximately 1,100 Nokia R&D staff. more

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Japanese Regulator Approves First LTE Device for Sale

LG Electronics has announced that its LD100 data modem has become the first LTE device to receive Telecom Engineering Center (TELEC) certification, clearing the way for the modem to be used in Japan. more

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Improving LTE Data Speeds at the Edges of Cells

The first live field tests of Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP) a new technology that will increase data transmission rates pn LTE networks have been carried out by the Bell Labs.  more

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Icera Continues to Grow Mobile Broadband Revenues in Q3 2009

Mobile broadband semiconductor vendor, Icera reports that it has generated a fifth successive quarter of strong revenue growth during the third quarter of 2009. more

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Huawei ships over 60 Million mobile broadband units

Huawei has announced that the company has now shipped over 60 million mobile broadband units worldwide, including data cards, dongles and embedded modules, across more than 133 countries.  more

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picoChip Develops LTE Femtocell Development Kit

picoChip has launched a LTE development system for base stations that will cover particularly small cell sizes. Many analysts and operators believe that LTE will require a dense network of small cells optimized for high-capacity data services more

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Nokia Trials its First LTE Capable Internet Modem

Nokia has introduced its first ever LTE capable internet modem, which is based on Nokia's own LTE modem technology development. more

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Samsung Electronics Develops First Commercial LTE Modem for Mobile Phones

Samsung says that it has developed the first LTE modem that complies with the latest standards of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which were released in March 2009. more

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WiMAX Broadband Subscribers to Approach 50 million by 2014

New data from Juniper Research show that WiMAX 802.16e broadband subscribers will approach 50 million globally by 2014, driven by the need to provide broadband to underserved areas. more

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