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Mobile Termination Rates Down by Nearly a Third since 2011

The average global mobile termination rate (MTR) has fallen to US$0.043 in 2013, compared to a global average of US$0.084 in 2009, according to analysis of 118 countries, more

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UK Regulator Pushing to Reduce MTRs Still Further

The UK's telecoms regulator, Ofcom has published a consultation on proposals for regulation of the wholesale 'mobile call termination' market for the period 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2018. more

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Thai Networks Agree to Lower Mobile Termination Rates

Thailand's two state-owned networks, CAT and TOT have agreed to adopt a new lower mobile termination rate. more

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Tanzania Proposes Sharp Reduction in Mobile Termination Rates

Tanzania's telecoms regulator, the TCRA has proposed a sharp reduction in the mobile termination rates from an average of TZS112 per minute to TZS 35 per minute. more

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Kenya to Resume Reductions in Mobile Termination Rates

Kenya's telecoms regulator, the CCk has announced its decision to continue implementing the five-year glide path for fixed and mobile termination rates issued in 2010. more

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Germany Regulator to Lower Mobile Voice Termination Rates

Germany's telecoms regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur has published a rate proposal for a new mobile termination rate, effective from 1 December 2012.  more

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Irish Mobile Termination Rates Reductions Announced

Ireland's telecoms regulator, ComReg has announced that the country's mobile networks are to further reduce their maximum mobile termination rates (MTR) over the next two years until the end of 2012. more

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Ugandan Regulator Blocked from Setting Mobile Termination rates

Uganda's High Court has blocked plans by the telecoms regulator, the Uganda Communications Commission from imposing new mobile termination rates on the network operators. more

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French Court Upholds Mobile Termination Rate Decision

The French Supreme Administrative Court has overturned an appeal by two of the country's mobile network operators against a mobile termination rate regime proposed by the telecoms regulator.  more

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Europe Calls on Bulgaria to Lower its Mobile Termination Rates

The European Commission has asked the Bulgarian telecoms regulator, the CRC, to take action to further reduce mobile termination rates that operators charge to connect the call of another operator's customer. more

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