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Vodafone Tops Romanian Mobile Number Portability Charts

The Romanian telecoms regulator has announced that just over 1.2 million phone numbers had been ported to a different provider by the end of last year. more

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UAE Networks Ready for MNP Launch Next Week

Both of the UAE's mobile networks, Etisalat and Du, are ready to launch the Mobile Number Portability Service through the opening of a central clearing house. more

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Azerbaijan to Offer MNP from the New Year

Azerbaijan's mobile networks will be required to offer Mobile Number Portability from next January, the ICT Minister, Ali Abbasov has confirmed. more

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Bangladesh Networks Wants Delay to MNP Implimentation

Bangladesh's mobile networks are seeking another two years to deploy Mobile Number Portability in the country. more

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Moldova to Offer Mobile Number Portability From Next Week

Moldova's telecoms regulator says that testing of the Mobile Number Portability system has been completed, and the three mobile networks will start to offer the service from the 1st July. more

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Honduran Networks to Offer Mobile Number Portability

The Honduran government has approved a law that will require the mobile networks to support Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests from the end of this September. more

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Nearly Million Israeli Switch Mobile Networks in Six Months

Just under a million Israeli mobile phone customers have switched networks over the past six months, the Ministry of Communications has announced. more

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Number Portability Passes One Million Threshold in Romania

At the beginning of April 2013, Romania reached the threshold of one million ported numbers. Since the introduction of the service allowing the users to keep their telephone number when changing their provider in October 2008, the amount of ported numbers has risen every year. more

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Thai Networks Agree to Increase MNP Capacity

Thailand's mobile networks have agreed to gradually increase the capacity of their shared mobile number portability facility based on customer demand for the service. more

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Nigerian Networks to Launch MNP Services Next Week

Nigeria's telecoms regulator has announced that Mobile Number Portability will go live in the country next week, and also a day earlier than originally planned. more

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