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Samsung Users Closing the Gap on Apple Fans in Mobile Data Consumption

Apple iPhone users are still the most active downloaders of mobile data, according to a study, although Samsung users are closing the gap, and have overtaken Apple in terms of data uploaded. more

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GSMA Collaborates With ITU To Drive Mobile Broadband In Asia Pacific Region

The GSMA today announced that it is collaborating with the ITU in a new programme to encourage the development of mobile broadband in the Asia Pacific region. more

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US Regulator Using Smartphone App to Map Mobile Broadband Speeds

The US telecoms regulator has released an Android app that will map the quality of mobile broadband speeds across the country. more

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Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking results show users are paying less for services

The most recent mobile broadband price benchmarking results from Strategy Analytics shows that while service speeds have grown dramatically over the past year, users are paying less for them. more

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Mobile broadband is now more affordable than fixed broadband

Mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets has become the fastest growing segment of the global ICT market, according to ITU's flagship annual report Measuring the Information Society 2013. more

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Mobile broadband is the fastest-growing technology in human history

Mobile broadband is the fastest-growing technology in human history, according to a UN report. more

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Majority Of Smartphone Users - Unreasonable To Experience Mobile Data Issues

As mobile Internet services mature, most smartphone users now expect operators to provide flawless access with zero downtime or quality issues.  more

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Latin America Lagging in Mobile Broadband Spectrum Allocation

Latin American governments are allocating far less radio spectrum for mobile services than is recommended by the ITU, according to a report by 4G Americas. more

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Mobile broadband subscriptions near 700 million in the OECD area

The OECD has just released an update on broadband penetration rates as of June 2012. Switzerland and Korea continue to top the OECD ranking for fixed and wireless broadband. more

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Mobile broadband the largest opportunity for operator revenue growth until 2016

Mobile broadband presents the single largest opportunity for telcos to gain back revenue, as forecasts show mobile broadband growing 19.2 percent annually and generating US$122.9bn in incremental revenue between 2013 and 2016. more

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