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Ericsson and Rwandan Government collaborate on financial inclusion

Ericsson and Rwanda have signed an agreement for the launch of a national interoperability switch based on the Ericsson M-Commerce Interconnect solution. more

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Pakistan's underbanked get evolved mobile money services from Easypaisa and Ericsson

Pakistan has an estimated population of 199 million, with approximately 60 percent of people living on under USD 2 a day and only 15 percent reported to have a bank account. more

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Mobile phones provide fast track to financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Even as mobile money services become part of daily life for millions in Sub-Saharan Africa, many potential customers face basic barriers to accessing the services on their own mobile phones.  more

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Ericsson and ASBANC launch connected mobile money service in Peru

ASBANC, Peru's National Bank Association, and Ericsson have launched mobile financial services that aim to include 2.1 million unbanked Peruvians by 2019. more

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Mobile Banking Users to Exceed 1.75 Billion by 2019

Over 1.75 billion mobile phone users are expected to have used their devices for banking purposes by the end of 2019, compared to 800 million this year, more

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Garanti Tops European Mobile Banking Functionality Review

Turkey's Garanti Bank has taken the top spot in a European mobile banking functionality review, closely followed by Spain's La Caixa and Poland's mBank. more

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Calls to Improve Mobile Banking Services for Rural Farmers

The financial inclusion think tank at the World Bank, CGAP has issued a call for partners looking to expand digital financial services for smallholder farmers and their families in developing countries. more

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Safaricom Speeds Up Mobile Banking Services

Kenya\'s Safaricom has upgraded its mobile banking service to make transactions essentially instantaneous. They use to take up to two hours to process. more

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UK Banks to Launch Unified Mobile Payment Service

A method for UK consumers to pay using just a mobile number has been developed, and is to be called Paym, with the brand revealed for the first time by the UK's Payments Council. more

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Millions of Americans are using mobile devices to switch banks

Last year, its claimed that millions of Americans used smartphones and tablets to switch banks and to apply for additional accounts online, according to a new report released by Andera. more

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