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Russian telcos under pressure from rising competition and weakening economy

The profitability of Russian telecommunications companies will remain under pressure due to high inflation and foreign exchange losses, as well as rising mobile market competition, more

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MegaFon Signs $600 Million Loan Deal to Fund Huawei Kit Purchases

Russia's MegaFon has signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement with China Development Bank Corporation (CDB) for potential new financing of up to US$600 million. more

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Huawei and MegaFon Announce 5G Network Plans for Russia

Following the recent announcement of the world's first 5G testbed project with the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Center, Huawei indicated early innovation introduction dates in a 5G memorandum of understanding with Russia's MegaFon. more

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Huawei Wins 7-Year Network Upgrade Contract in Russia

Russia's MegaFon says that it has signed a 7-year tender contract with China's Huawei, which it says is worth \"dozens of billions of rubles\". more

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MegaFon Completes Integration of LTE Networks

Russia's MegaFon says that it has completed the key processes of the integration of the LTE network operators, Skartel and Yota, which it bought back in October 2013. more

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Megafon Shareholders Reportedly Seize Control of "Russia's Facebook"

The owner of half of Russia's second largest mobile network is now said to be in joint control of the country's largest social media website, in a move being described by its founder as a Kremlin backed takeover. more

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Megafon Profits Rise Boosted by Mobile Data Services

Russia's Megafon has reported a modest rise in its third-quarter profits as revenues and customer base also rose. more

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MegaFon Completes $1.2 Billion Purchase of LTE Network

Russia's MegaFon says that it has completed the previously announced deal to buy the LTE network operator, Scartel/Yota. more

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Phone Networks Attacked in Chechnya

Russia's Beeline has closed all its stores in Chechnya for a few days, while the local office of MegaFon was pelted with eggs in protest over allegations of SMS voting fraud in a popularity contest. more

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Moody's: Acquisition of Scartel/Yota is credit neutral for MegaFon

Moody's Investors Service has said that it views as credit neutral for MegaFon the company's potential acquisition of Scartel/Yota, which is the owner of 2x30MHz nationwide LTE spectrum in the 2.5-2.6GHz frequency band and a network covering 27% of the Russian population. more

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