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Smart Cities Could Waste $341 Billion by 2025 on Non-Standardized IoT Deployments

City authorities and their technology partners could squander $341 billion by 2025 if they adopt a fragmented versus standardized approach to IoT solution deployment.  more

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Worldwide IoT Security Spending to Reach $348 Million in 2016

Worldwide spending on Internet of Things (IoT) security will reach $348 million in 2016, a 23.7 percent increase from 2015 spending of $281.5 million, according to Gartner. more

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IoT Adoption Is Driving the Use of Platform as a Service

The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving platform as a service (PaaS) utilization, according to Gartner. more

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Nearly Half of Organizations Are Using or Plan to Implement the Internet of Things in 2016

Although less than a third (29 percent) of responding organizations are currently using IoT, an additional 14 percent are planning to implement IoT in the coming 12 months, with an additional 21 percent planning to implement after 2016.  more

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By 2020, More Than Half of Major New Business Processes Will Incorporate Internet of Things

The impact of the IoT on consumers' lives and corporate business models is rapidly increasing as the cost of \"instrumenting\" physical things with sensors and connecting them to other things - devices, systems and people - continues to drop. more

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IoT Will Drive Consumer Tech Industry to $287 Billion in Revenues

The ever-expanding adoption and continued growth of innovations comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) will help lead the U.S. consumer technology industry to a record-setting $287 billion in retail revenues  more

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1 billion cellular M2M subscribers by 2022

According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the global number of cellular M2M subscribers increased by 23 percent during 2015 to reach 265.2 million at the end of the year.  more

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Easier access to spectrum for Internet of Things

Australian operators of machine to machine (M2M) wireless communications links used in the Internet of Things (IoT) will find it easier to access spectrum under proposed changes to regulatory arrangements. more

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Internet of Things Spending Forecast to Reach Nearly $1.3 Trillion in 2019

Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) will grow at a 17.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from $698.6 billion in 2015 to nearly $1.3 trillion in 2019. more

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Smart Cities Will Use 1.6 Billion Connected Things in 2016

Gartner estimates that 1.6 billion connected things will be used by smart cities in 2016, an increase of 39 percent from 2015. more

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