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Kenya's Safaricom Drops Exclusivity Rule for Mobile Money Agents

Kenya's dominant mobile network, Safaricom has dropped a rule that barred its mobile money agents from working with other mobile networks. more

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Safaricom Speeds Up Mobile Banking Services

Kenya\'s Safaricom has upgraded its mobile banking service to make transactions essentially instantaneous. They use to take up to two hours to process. more

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Safaricom Bans Mobile Money Agents from Handling Rival Networks Services

Kenya's Safaricom has been accused of abusing its dominant market power after it barred its mobile money agents from acting on behalf of rival networks at the same time. more

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Vodafone Links M-Pesa with MoneyGram Money Transfer Services

Vodafone and the money transfer agency, MoneyGram have teamed up to enable consumers to transfer funds directly from around 200 countries to M-Pesa subscribers. more

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Safaricom Expands Mobile Money Service to Paying Home Rental Charges

Kenya's Safaricom has expanded its M-Pesa mobile money service so that it can be used to pay rent on houses and homes. more

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Kenyans Using Mobile Phones to Pay for Electricity

Kenya's state electricity provider says that it plans to deploy more prepaid electricity meters as an increasing number of its customers prefer to pay for their service via mobile money services. more

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Kenya's Safaricom Targets Companies in Mobile Money Push

Kenya's Safaricom has set its sights on the medium and small enterprises with the launch of Lipa Na M-PESA -- a campaign aimed at entrenching the use of its mobile payment services as the primary method of paying for goods and services. more

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Paying Wages Direct to Mobile Accounts Trialled in Kenya

A Vodafone report says mobile money payroll (mPayroll) could enable secure, cost-effective wage payments to be made to millions of unbanked workers by 2020, reducing corruption, lessening the risk of payday robbery and reducing the time spent travelling and waiting to receive cash wages. more

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Vodafone India Launches M-Pesa Mobile Money Service

Vodafone India and ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank, have jointly launched Vodafone's mobile money service, M-Pesa. more

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Safaricom to Offer Unsecured Loans to Mobile Money Agents

Kenya's Safaricom is to offer its mobile banking agents an unsecured loan facility to help them expand their mobile money services. more

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