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ZTE Wins 4G Contract in Dominican Republic

ZTE says that it has won a contract from Wind Telecom to build the first TD-LTE based 4G network in the Dominican Republic. more

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Wi-Fi Represents the Bulk of LTE Subscriber Mobile Data Traffic

LTE subscribers consumed dramatically larger amounts of data than 3G subscribers, according to smartphone traffic analysis by Mobidia Technology, however, they are making increased use of Wi-Fi offloading as well. more

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Almost 98 Percent of Broadband Data Use in USA Homes Will Be Over Wi-Fi by 2018

Today when LTE subscribers step outside their home, they potentially have a connection to their smartphone that is as fast as the fixed broadband connection in their home. Never before has the in-home and out-of-home broadband experience been as close in terms of throughput. more

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Finland's Ukko Mobile Migrating from CDMA to LTE

Finland's Ukko Mobile has contracted Omnitele to design a new LTE network that will overlay its existing CDMA network, which makes use of the 450Mhz spectrum bands. more

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Global LTE Network Count Hits 300 Operators

LTE is now commercial on 300 networks in 107 countries, adding 109 new commercial networks year-over-year since June 2013, with 350 commercial LTE networks anticipated by the end of 2014, more

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Malta to Permit LTE Services by Existing 2.1Ghz Spectrum Holders

Malta's telecoms regulator has announced plans to review the existing 3G licenses operating in the 2.1Ghz bands to permit them to be used for LTE services as well. more

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South Africa's Telkom to Use LTE to Augment Fibre Rollout

South Africa's dominant landline operator, Telkom has announced plans to roll out Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connectivity to over twenty South African suburbs before the end of this year. more

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China Mobile's 4G Covers 300 Cities and 6.5 Million Users

China Mobile's 4G network has accumulated 6.5 million users and covered 300 cities across the country since its launch six months ago more

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300th Mobile Network Launches LTE Services

A total of 300 mobile networks are now live with LTE services -- in 107 countries, according to data released today by GSA. more

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Taiwan Approves more LTE Licenses and 4G Number Portability

Taiwan's telecoms regulator has approved the allocation of a LTE license to a new entrant, Taiwan Star Cellular Group, which now plans to launch its network in the 3rd quarter of this year. more

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