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Financial Crisis Hits Western European Mobile Phone Market

The Western European mobile phone industry felt the impact of the global financial crisis in the third quarter of 2008, as total handset shipments decreased significantly over previous quarters. more

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Emerging Markets Drag Down Global Handset Growth Rate

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global mobile handset shipments grew a disappointing 5 percent year-over-year, to reach 303 million units in Q3 2008. A marked slowdown in sales to emerging markets caused the industry’s weakest growth rate since 2002. more

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Financial Crisis Hits Mobile Phone Sales as Q3 Shipment Growth Slows

The worldwide mobile phone industry felt the impact of the global financial crisis in the third quarter of 2008 (3Q08) as total handset shipments were down significantly over previous quarters. more

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Mobile Industry Continues to Boom Despite Turmoil in World Financial Markets

Despite turmoil in world financial markets over the last year the trillion USD mobile industry continues to confound expectations with spectacular accelerating growth. more

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Qualcomm Warns of Slowing Handset Replacement Cycle

Qualcomm CEO, Paul Jacobs says that there are signs that mobile phone owners are delaying plans to replace their existing handsets - slowing the replacement cycle. Speaking in an interview on CNBC television, he said that the trend has been most noticeable in Japan and South Korea. more

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Sony CEO Expresses Concerns About Sony Ericsson Joint Venture

Sony has expressed concerns over its handset joint venture with Ericsson. Commenting on the problems with the joint venture, Sony's CEO Howard Stringer told Die Welt, that the two companies need to reform their cooperation otherwise the joint venture would fail. more

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Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 12% in Q2 of 2008

Worldwide sales of mobile phones reached close to 305 million units in the second quarter of 2008, a 11.8 percent increase over the second quarter of 2007, according to Gartner. more

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The Top-10 Selling mobile Phones in July 2008

The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, has released their "Top 10"-list for July 2008.  more

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Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales on Pace to Grow 11% in 2008

Worldwide sales of mobile phones will reach 1.28 billion units in 2008, an 11 per cent increase from last year, says Gartner. In 2007, worldwide mobile phone sales reached 1.15 billion units. more

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UPDATE: Sony Ericsson Plans 2000 Job Cuts

Sony Ericsson struggled to break even in the second quarter amid continued weak sales of mid-to-high-end phones and increased competition, and said it would cut costs. more

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