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OLED Shipments for Primary Cell-Phone Displays to Rise Eightfold by 2015

Triggered by the introduction this year of a wave of cell phones equipped with main displays using Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AM-OLED) technology, the global market for such screens is set to explode in the coming years, more

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E-Paper Display Revenues Forecast to Reach $9.6B by 2018

The e-paper display market is forecast to grow to 1.8 billion units and $9.6 billion in revenues in 2018, from 22 million units and $431 million in revenues in 2009. DisplaySearch calculates this to represent a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 41%for revenues and 64% for units. more

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iPhone Killers are Lifesavers for Display Demand

The new generation of so-called "iPhone killers" is set to drive demand and increase sales of displays commonly used in smart phones in 2009, despite an expected decline in the overall mobile-phone display market this year, more

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Seasonality and Weak Economies Lower Mobile Phone Demand in Q1'09

While mobile phone display shipments in developed nations such as the US, Europe and Japan slipped in Q1'09 due to seasonality and the weak economy, this segment is expected to improve through 2009 due to relatively strong demand for smart phones, video capabilities and the growing China mobile phone market. more

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LTE Cellphones to Reach 56 Million in 2013

Cellphone unit market growth continues slowing globally. The 2008 market was up 4.1% but is forecast to decline by 4.4% in 2009 to 1.22 billion shipments. However, a healthier 12.8% growth for 2010 is being forecast by a report from Forward Concepts. more

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TI, Qualcomm, Sony, and Samsung Score Key Design Wins in New Palm Pre

Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Sony and Samsung Electronics are the leading component suppliers for Palm's new Pre, providing the key semiconductor and display technologies that give the smart phone its competitive differentiation, more

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Palm Pre Stands to Shake Up Smart Phone Status Quo

Palm's new Pre smart phone holds strong potential for robust sales growth, and may have a major influence on other platforms as well as the technology supply chain, according to iSuppli Corp. more

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Demand for Small/Medium Displays Rises: Will Prices Follow Suit?

Despite rising demand, a reduction in inventories and a marginal increase in prices some for a few small/medium-sized LCD panels in April, global pricing is expected to remain on a downward trend in 2009, more

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Despite Rising Demand, Small/Medium Display Pricing Falling

After three months of decline, small/medium LCD displays in February experienced a pick-up in sales driven by the Chinese market, with local Chinese mobile handset makers increasing their demand, more

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Fitch Revises Outlook to Negative on Samsung & LG Electronics

Fitch Ratings says that it has revised its rating Outlook on Samsung Electronics (SEC) and LG Electronics (LGE) to Negative from Stable. more

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