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Reliance Communications Debt Ratings Affirmed at LAAA

Indian debt ratings agency, ICRA has assigned a long-term rating of LAAA each to the Rs. 30 billion Non-Convertible Debenture Programme and the Rs. 100 billion proposed Long-Term Fund-Based Facilities of Reliance Communications. more

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T-Mobile UK Facing $895 Million Lawsuit

A long running court case is to proceed after solicitors filed a case with the UK's High Court against T-Mobile which could potentially cost the network operator $895 million. more

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Unified Messaging Poised to Become a Ubiquitous Enterprise Communication Solution

The increasing globalization of business has caused enterprises to seek new ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of their workforce. This has placed the spotlight on unified messaging, the technology that facilitates anywhere and anytime access to non-real-time messaging. more

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Eight Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009 and 2010

Gartner says that it has identified eight mobile technologies that will evolve significantly through 2010, impacting short-term mobile strategies and policies. more

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