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Nokia Shows Off 3rd NFC Capable Mobile Phone

Nokia has shown off its third fully integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile phone, the Nokia 6216 classic. more

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EU calls on mobile operators to continue to improve child safety policies

Half of 10 year-old, 87% of 13 year-old and 95% of 16 year-old children in the EU have a mobile phone, but half of European parents worry mobile phone use might expose their children to sexually and violently explicit images (51%) or bullying by other children (49%), according to a survey. more

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T-Mobile UK Facing $895 Million Lawsuit

A long running court case is to proceed after solicitors filed a case with the UK's High Court against T-Mobile which could potentially cost the network operator $895 million. more

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Telefonica: ICTs can reduce 15% of global emissions by 2020

Telefonica has pledged to lead an information and communication technologies (ICT) industry initiative to cut global CO2 emissions by 15 per cent before 2020.  more

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Bill Gates Donates Funds to Boost Mobile Banking in Developing Countries

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the GSM Association have announced a programme that will expand the availability of mobile banking services in the developing world. more

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Toshiba Moves into NFC Capable SIM Market

Toshiba has announced the development of a SIM card for use within mobile phones supporting NFC (Near Field Communication) services - which it expects to start sampling from Q3 this year. more

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The NGMN Alliance Oulines Development Plans for Next Year

The NGMN Alliance - a group of network operators - says that it has defined its roadmap for the year ahead following a meeting of all its partners. more

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ITU and GSMA to Boost Mobile Access in Developing Countries

The ITU and GSM Association have agreed to strengthen cooperation towards improved access to mobile phone services aimed especially at bridging the digital divide in least developed and developing countries. more

Related Tags: ict, gsma, united-nations, digital-divide, geneva

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