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Demand for Small/Medium Displays Rises: Will Prices Follow Suit?

Despite rising demand, a reduction in inventories and a marginal increase in prices some for a few small/medium-sized LCD panels in April, global pricing is expected to remain on a downward trend in 2009, more

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Mobile Phones Get Smarter at CTIA with Touch Screen Tech

This monthís International CTIA Wireless 2009 event in Las Vegas showcased in the mobile handsetís industry increasing focus on smart phones, as illustrated by prevalence of announcements related to touch-screen technology, according to iSuppli. more

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Mobile Internet Device Shipments to Rise Nearly Eightfold by 2012

Global MID shipments are set to rise to 416 million units in 2012, rising at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 50.6 percent from 53.8 million in 2007. more

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Popular Consumer and Mobile Products Fuel MEMS Boom

From the gyroscope in your PlayStation 3 game controller, to the accelerometer in your iPhone, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are making major inroads in the consumer- and mobile-electronics worlds, causing market revenue in this area to nearly triple from 2006 to 2012, according to iSuppli. more

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PND Shipment Growth Decelerates as Alternatives Gain Ground

The Portable Navigation Device's (PND's) days of navigation domination are numbered, as mobile-handset alternatives gain in popularity over the next few years, according to iSuppli. more

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Despite LCD Dominance, Opportunities Remain for Emerging Display Technologies

LCD is the dominant display technology for most electronic products, including televisions, computer monitors, notebook PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs), MP3/Portable Media Players (PMPs) and mobile phones. However, there still is room and a need for emerging display technologies, according to iSuppli. more

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Can Google's Foray into Mobile Phones Succeed?

Google's goal with the establishment of the Open Handset Alliance is to become the main provider of LBS and mobile advertisements on wireless handsets, replicating its success in PC-based ads and location-oriented services like Google Earth. more

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Navigation Maps: Hidden Treasure?

Nokia's Navteq acquisition bid shows that map makers have plotted a course to the center of the navigation universe. more

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China Mobile Navigation Market to Grow More Than 10-Fold by 2011

Because of strong demand for navigation services from Chinese consumers, manufacturers in the nation are developing handsets supporting the Global Positioning System (GPS). Meanwhile, wireless service operators see navigation as a key value-added service that can help offset their declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). more

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Touch-Screen Sales to Double by 2012

The impending release of iPhone has put touch screens into the spotlight, but the demand for this technology was already growing rapidly even before Apple joined the party, according to isuppli. Global shipment revenue for the leading touch-screen technologies will rise to $4.4 billion by 2012, up from $2.4 billion in 2006, isuppli predicts. more

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