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TI, Qualcomm, Sony, and Samsung Score Key Design Wins in New Palm Pre

Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Sony and Samsung Electronics are the leading component suppliers for Palm's new Pre, providing the key semiconductor and display technologies that give the smart phone its competitive differentiation, more

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Palm Pre Stands to Shake Up Smart Phone Status Quo

Palm's new Pre smart phone holds strong potential for robust sales growth, and may have a major influence on other platforms as well as the technology supply chain, according to iSuppli Corp. more

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Demand for Small/Medium Displays Rises: Will Prices Follow Suit?

Despite rising demand, a reduction in inventories and a marginal increase in prices some for a few small/medium-sized LCD panels in April, global pricing is expected to remain on a downward trend in 2009, more

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Despite Rising Demand, Small/Medium Display Pricing Falling

After three months of decline, small/medium LCD displays in February experienced a pick-up in sales driven by the Chinese market, with local Chinese mobile handset makers increasing their demand, more

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Russia Falls off the Electronics Contract Manufacturing Map

Once viewed as a promising emerging market with massive growth potential for the global electronics contract manufacturing business, Russia now is facing a cessation of new investment, along with shutdowns in existing facilities and delays in new ones, more

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Mobile Phone Display Market to Contract in 2009

Global shipments of displays for mobile handsets are expected to decline by more than 6 percent in 2009 and remain flat in 2010 as worsening economic conditions continue to impact the wireless industry, according to iSuppli. more

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Mobile Backlighting Remains Top Use for LEDs

After two years of moderate single-digit revenue growth in 2005 and 2006, the solid-state lighting industry is poised to propel LED revenue to a double-digit expansion rate in 2007. more

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New Applications Boost Small/Medium Display Market

While mobile handsets continue to be the dominant application for small- and medium-sized Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), new uses such as Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), digital photo frames and MP3/Portable Media Players (PMPs) are generating rising sales in this area, according to iSuppli. more

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Mobile Phones Drive Small LCD Shipments Past 3.8 Billion Units in 2007

As the mobile-phone market goes, so goes the small/medium LCD market. Subscriber growth in emerging regions, combined with replacement and upgrade sales, will drive the mobile-phone market past the 1 billion unit mark for the first time in 2007, isuppli predicts. Largely because of this, shipments of small/medium LCDs - i.e. displays smaller than 10-inches in diagonal size that are used in devices like mobile phones and many other products - will exceed 3.8 billion units this year, up 6.3 percent from 3.6 billion in 2006. more

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Apple Seen Having Flexibility To Lower iPhone Prices

If the US$499 and US$599 price tags of Apple's new iPhone are giving you pause, you aren't alone. " more

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