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Apple Loses iPhone Trademark Lawsuit

Apple has lost a trademark lawsuit and will have to share the iPhone brandname in China. more

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AT&T and Verizon iPhone See Differences in Dropped Call Rates

While the overall satisfaction ratings are very similar for AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 owners, there is a difference when it comes to reported dropped calls,  more

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Android Apps Less Likely to Access Personal Information than iPhone Apps

A survey of nearly 300,000 mobile applications found that applications on Android are generally less likely than applications on iPhone to be capable of accessing a person's contact list or retrieving their location,  more

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China Unicom to sell Apple's iPhone with Wi-Fi

Apple's Chinese partner says it will sell iPhones with Wi-Fi starting Monday, adding to mounting competition in China's smart phone market. more

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Foxconn Shifts iPhone Production Away from Troubled Shenzhen

Handset OEM, Foxconn Technology has started production at a rented factory in Central China's Henan province as the company is reported to be planning a widespread move of its factories away from the Chinese coastal regions to cheaper inland sites. more

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Judge OKs iPhone class action against Apple, AT&T

A federal judge says a monopoly abuse lawsuit against Apple and AT&T's mobile phone unit can move forward as a class action. more

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China Unicom to Reactivate Wi-Fi Capability on Apple iPhone

China Unicom is working with Apple to re-enable the Wi-Fi functionality on its range of iPhone handsets after the facility was initially disabled for the Chinese market. more

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Android: Crashing the Smartphone Party

Digital measurement firm, comScore is reporting that consumer awareness of Google's Android is growing rapidly, due in large part to the Verizon Droid ad campaign.  more

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Review: Barnes & Noble reader is dual-screen mess

The e-book reading device is the gadget gift of the season. Both Sony and Barnes & Noble have sold out of their new models, and new buyers will have to wait until January for delivery. So why are e-book readers still such clumsy, annoying devices? more

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Apple's partner sells 5,000 iPhones in China debut

Apple's local partner has sold 5,000 iPhones since the smart phone's formal weekend debut in China, a lackluster start after analysts warned the company might be setting prices too high. more

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