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EU project picks up the patent processing pace

EU Member States are promoting the creation of an EU-wide patenting system called 'Community Patent' that would allow individuals and enterprises to obtain a unitary patent common to all. more

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Fractus Sues Ten Cellphone Manufacturers for Patent Infringement

Spanish antenna manufacturer, Fractus says that is has sued Samsung, LG, RIM, Pantech, Kyocera, Palm, HTC, Sharp, UTStarcom, and Sanyo for infringing nine different patents. more

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Is the recession suffocating American innovation?

Americans haven't stopped dreaming up newfangled gizmos or sketching engineering marvels on the back of cocktail napkins. But tight credit and business cutbacks have slowed the pace of getting the latest U.S. innovations to market. more

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Faster, better patent processing

Processing patents is complex and time-consuming. Using semantic web technology, researchers have come up with a powerful tool to process patents faster and better. more

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Symbian Legal Appeal Throws UK Software Patents into Confusion

Following a recent legal appeal by mobile phone OS vendor (and now Nokia subsidiary), Symbian, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has just issued a practice note relating to software patentability that, according to patent attorneys, still does not bring the UK fully in line with Europe, more

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T-Mobile Sued for Patent Infringment in its Hotspot@Home Service

Calypso Wireless has filed a patent infringement complaint against T-Mobile USA, accusing the mobile operator of breaching a patent it holds which allows "seamless switching" between GSM and Wi-Fi services more

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Nuance Sues Zi Corp for Patent Infringement

Nuance Communications, and its Tegic subsidiary have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Zi Corp in Canada - just a few days after Nuance offered to buy Zi Corp for around US$40 million.  more

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Visto Settles Mobile Email Patent Dispute with Microsoft

Mobile email vendor, Visto says that it has entered into a settlement and license agreement with Microsoft involving cash and non-cash consideration, thus ending a two-year patent dispute between the parties. more

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50 Million Projectors Built into Phones by 2012

One of the newer innovations being discussed in the wireless arena are small micro or pico projectors designed for use with mobile devices.  more

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Nokia and Qualcomm Calm their Patent War - Slightly

Qualcomm and Nokia on Friday agreed to consolidate ongoing patent lawsuits in the US state of Delaware with an arbitration currently pending in Los Angeles. more

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