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InterDigital Patent Infringements Against Nokia and ZTE Unlikely to Succeed

InterDigital is likely to lose a patent lawsuit against Nokia and ZTE following a preliminary ruling from the US International Trade Commission. more

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InterDigital Settles Patent Lawsuits Against Samsung

Patent holding company, InterDigital says that it has settled a range of patent lawsuits against Samsung, after the South Korean firm signed a license agreement with it. more

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InterDigital Says it is Cooperating with Chinese Anti-Monopoly Investigation

USA based patent holding company, InterDigital says that its executives will continue to cooperate with a Chinese investigation into anti-trust allegations, having secured assurances that its staff wont be arrested if they visit the country. more

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InterDigital Loses Patent Infringement Claims Against Huawei, ZTE and Nokia

US patent holding company -- aka, patent troll -- InterDigital has lost a patent infringement complaint it filed in 2011 against Huawei, ZTE and Nokia. more

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Huawei Wins Compensation in Patent Fees to IDC

A Chinese court has ordered USA based InterDigital Communications (IDC) to pay RMB20 million in compensation to Huawei following allegations that it overcharged for patent licenses more

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InterDigital Moves its Patents into Separate Holding Company

InterDigital has announced that it is setting up a holding company that will seek to monetise its patents portfolio. more

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InterDigital Secures Review of Patent Claims Against Nokia, Huawei and ZTE

Patents holding company, InterDigital says that the U.S. International Trade Commission has decided to review an Initial Determination that had struck down its patent lawsuit claims against Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. more

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InterDigital to Set Up R&D Canter in the UK

InterDigital has announced that it is expanding its research operations with the launch of a London office. more

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Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and Huawei Face USA Patent Investigation

The U.S. International Trade Commission (US ITC) has decided to carry out an investigation into claims by InterDigital that it wireless patents are being infringed by a number of mobile phone manufacturers. more

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InterDigital Forms M2M Joint-Venture with Sony

Patents holding company, InterDigital says that it has formed a joint-venture with Sony to develop Machine-to-Machine services and products.  more

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