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Survey finds smartphones transforming mobile lifestyles of college students

A recent survey of about 300 college students found that 27 percent own a smartphone as compared to the national average of 19 percent for working adults. more

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Nokia Dismisses WiMAX as a "Wireless Betamax"

Nokia has dismissed WiMAX as a failed idea and likened it to the Betamax video format which lost the video tape war in the 1980s. more

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Rich Communication Suite Initiative Gains Momentum

The GSMA has reported significant progress in the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) Initiative, a service providing enriched communication capabilities such as in-call multimedia sharing, conversational messaging and presence-enhanced contact management, all accessible through a user's mobile phone contact list. more

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Nokia Siemens Networks gives voice to LTE

With a simple upgrade to their circuit switched core network, over 220 of Nokia Siemens Networks’ customer operators can smoothly start offering Voice over LTE much sooner than they thought. more

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