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Polish Operator Launches HSPA+ Network in 900Mhz Band

Polish telco, Sferia and Huawei have announced the successful launch of the world's first HSPA+ network in the 900 MHz band for Aero2. more

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Political Crisis May Delay Thailand's 3G License Auction

The ongoing political crisis in Thailand may cause yet further delays to the 3G licenses which are expected to occur in the fourth-quarter of this year. more

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Thai Operator to Push Ahead with 3G Network Rollout

Thailand's state owned operator, TOT has told the Reuters news agency that it will proceed with plans to deploy a 3G network, with a commercial launch due by the end of the year. more

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3G Contract Awarded to Nokia-Siemens/Huawei in Thailand

Thailand's Total Access Communication has selected Nokia Siemens Networks and mainland's Huawei Technologies to supply gear for a 3G network, a company official has announced. more

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3G Network Launched in Bangkok

Thailand's Advanced Info Service (AIS) is reported to have launched its long planned 3G network - operating in the 900Mhz band - in the capital city, Bangkok. The firm is already operating a 3G network in the 900Mhz band in Chiang Mai, more

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Optus Australia Confirms 3G at 900Mhz - Announces Vendors

Optus Australia has confirmed that it will use a combination of 900MHz and 2100MHz frequency ranges to complete its 3G/HSPA network, and has appointed vendors Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks for the completion of the roll out.  more

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