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Huawei Planning $300 Million Marketing Splurge

China's Huawei is preparing a massive marketing splurge to try and improve its image, particularly in the USA. more

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Huawei Starts Base Station Roll-Out in Rural Zambia

Huawei has launched the first of a series of 169 base stations that will connect rural communities in Zambia to the mobile phone network. more

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Huawei and LG Uplus to deploy the world's first OTN for LTE-A CPRI backhaul

Huawei says that it has won a contract to deploy a backhaul upgrade for South Korea's LG U+ that will improve its LTE-A network performance. more

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LTE deployment in India no earlier than mid-2015, says Huawei

Deployment issues are likely to delay widespread LTE services until the middle of next year, a senior Huawei director has said. more

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Huawei May Benefit from $750 Million Mexican Network Order

Officials from the Mexican and Chinese government have reportedly held a meeting to discuss a Chinese funded expansion of mobile phone coverage into rural areas. more

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Huawei Wins Pakistan WiMAX to LTE Migration Contract

Huawei is reported to have won a network upgrade contract from the merging Wateen and Qubee WiMAX networks to migrate them to LTE services. more

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Photos Leaked of Huawei's Next Ascend Smartphone

What are claimed to be leaked photos of Huawei's expected smartphone, the Ascend P7 have appeared online. more

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MTN Nigeria Transfers Network Staff to Ericsson and Huawei

MTN's Nigerian operations has transferred 232 employees to Ericsson and Huawei as part of a network maintenance outsourcing agreement. more

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Huawei's Full Year Profits Jump by a Third

China's Huawei has posted a one-third jump in its full year profits as the company benefits from strong demand in its domestic market. more

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Zimbabwean Court Case Against Huawei Dropped

A court case to hear allegations of corruption in how Huawei won a US$200 million contract from Zimbabwe's state-owned NetOne has been dropped. more

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