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Brazil's Vivo to Shut-Down CDMA Network

Brazilian mobile network operator, Vivo has announced that it will switch off its older CDMA network this coming September.  more

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TIM Brasil Subscriber Numbers Fall For the First Time Ever

Depending upon your point of view, Q1 09 could be either the quarter in which TIM began to reverse the relative declines of recent years, or a further lurch downwards.  more

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Caribbean & Latin America - CDMA Enters its "Sunset" Phase

The technology story in the Caribbean & Latin America (CALA) region is simple: most US based technologies are in full retreat, while the international GSM/W-CDMA standards are proliferating. more

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Brazil's Penetration Set to Surpass 80% as Total Market Reaches 140m

At the time of writing, penetration is likely to be approaching 80%, and although it is common for markets to slow down as 100% penetration is neared, a penetration rate in excess of 90% by the end of 2009 is a possibility. more

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