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India Secures Delay in 2G Radio Spectrum Auction

India's Supreme Court has agreed to a delay in the re-sale of the cancelled GSM licenses, giving the government until next January to complete the sale. more

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India's Former Telecoms Minister Expected to Face Criminal Charges

India's disgraced former telecoms minister, A Raja and some of his close aides is expected to be charged later this week in reference to the 2008 telecoms license scandal.  more

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Aide to India's Former Telecoms Minister Found Dead

An associate of India's disgraced former Telecoms Minister has been found dead. more

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Three Bidders Win Addition Radio Spectrum in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's telecoms regulator has concluded an auction of radio spectrum that started earlier this week at a total of upfront spectrum utilization fee of US$5.95 million. more

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Egypt's Mobinil Does Not Expect a Profitable 3G Network

Egypt's Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil) says that it does not expect to make a profit from its 3G network - and would not have brought the license had it not included an extension to the existing GSM license held by the firm. more

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Bulgaria Cancels GSM License Tender

Bulgaria's telecoms regulator, the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has decided to annul the process for awarding the country's fourth GSM license after the sole bidder failed to submit their paperwork in time. more

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Georgia to auction a third GSM license

Georgia's National Communications Commission has announced plans to auction off a third GSM license in the country, and also some additional radio spectrum for the incumbent operators. In accordance with the Commission's Decision last April 26, the cellular communication licences of "Zamex Sa" Ltd (Licence No 1070), "Neocom" Ltd (Licence No 1136) and "Ibercom" Ltd (Licence No 1042) granted by the former Ministry of Post and Telecommunications have been revoked for failing to commence the licensed activities. Consequently, there is unallocated frequency resource available within 1710 - 1880 MHz frequency range. more

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