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Gowex CEO Resigns in Disgrace - Company Files for Bankruptcy

Spanish municipal Wi-Fi provider, Gowex has filed for bankruptcy and the CEO has resigned after admitting it falsified its accounts for the past four years. more

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Gowex Shares Plunge Following Allegations of Financial Fraud

Shares in the fast growing municipal Wi-Fi provider, Gowex more than halved earlier this week following a report that cast doubt on the company's finances. more

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Gowex Launches Free Wi-Fi Coverage in Chicago

Municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex says that it has launched coverage in the US city of Chicago with more than 450 Wi-Fi hotspots,  more

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Madrid's Municipal Wi-Fi Network Coverage Expanded

Municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex says that it has expanded its coverage in the Spanish city of Madrid to an additional six city squares. more

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Gowex Close to Winning Wi-Fi Deployment Contract in Edinburgh

Municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex is set to be awarded a contract to deploy a network in the UK city of Edinburgh. more

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Gowex Deploys Wi-Fi Network in New York City Businesses

A municipal Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex says that it has deployed a Wi-Fi network in New York City that is based in 500 local business properties. more

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Wi-Fi Operator, Gowex Buys Mobile Ad Agency

Wi-Fi network operator, Gowex says that it has acquired the mobile advertising agency, Ideup for an undisclosed amount. more

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Gowex is taking its free Wi-Fi to the streets of San Francisco

After building thousands Wi-Fi Zones in New York Gowex says that it has now deployed 450 Wi-Fi Zones in the city of San Francisco.  more

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Dubai providing Free WiFi in the city's buses

UAE based Dubai has fitted Wi-Fi hotspots into its intercity buses, with the equipment supplied by Gowex. more

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