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Zeroing in on Wi-Fi 'dead zones'

Rooting out Wi-Fi "dead zones" in large wireless networks that cover whole neighborhoods or cities is an expensive proposition. Pre-deployment testing is so costly that most WiFi providers simply build their networks first and fill in the gaps later. more

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Google Co-Founder Makes Pitch for Unused Airwaves Access

Google Co-Founder Larry Page this week made an unprecedented appeal to policy makers for access to unused television airwaves. more

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Mobile VoIP Application Embeds Social Networking Connectivity

VoIP provider, Nimbuzz has an application which the company says offers an all-in-one solution for free mobile VoIP calling, conference calling, instant messaging, chat and group chat, and photo and file sending across multiple IM communities, more

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HTC Unveils its New Windows Mobile TouchScreen Phone

Taiwan based HTC has unveiled its new Windows Mobile based flagship phone, the HTC Touch Diamond, which includes a 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D. The handset supports both HSDPA as well as the high speed uplink, HSUPA as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. more

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TECH TALES: WiMAX is Still a Risky Investment

The next-generation wireless technology, known as WiMax, is full of potential to drive cheaper, high-speed wireless data, voice and video communications, or a dismal failure, depending on who you talk to. more

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Is iPhone's Wi-Fi Based Location Finder Better than GPS?

This week, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone will feature Skyhook Wireless' Wi-Fi location technology in a joint development with Google. It is easy to write this off as a stop gap solution for GPS, but for me, this is a first step towards the next generation of cellular location technology. more

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