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Google Tops League of Spending on Lobbying US Politicians

Google spent $3.82 million lobbying the USA's federal lawmakers and regulators during the first quarter of 2014, making it the top spender among 15 top technology and telecommunications companies,  more

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Google Offering Refunds to Fake Android Anti-Virus Software Buyers

Google has started issuing refunds to people who paid for an anti-virus app for their Android smartphone that turned out to do nothing at all. more

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Google Upgrades its Hangouts App for G+ Users

Google has announced that it is updating the Android app for its Google Plus hangouts service. more

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Low Cost Nexus Smartphone from Google Possibly Under Development

Another rumour about a possible mid to low end Nexus smartphone has emerged, this time suggesting that the company might not use a Qualcomm processor to keep costs down. more

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Google Reportedly Talking to New Supplier for Next Nexus Tablet

Google may be preparing to switch suppliers for its next Nexus branded Android tablet, with Asus losing out to a rival supplier. more

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Mobile Payments Provider, Square in Talks with Potential Buyers

Google is reported to have held talks with the mobile payments company, Square about a possible acquisition. more

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Google Disappoints Investors as Ad Rates Decline

Google's shares have declined over concerns that its advertising rates are declining, despite posting higher overall revenues. more

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Potential use of Google Glass in surgical settings

An article recently published in the International Journal of Surgery shows the potential applications for Google Glass in the surgical setting, particularly in relation to training. more

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Google Buys High-Altitude Solar Powered Plane Developer

Google has continued its investment in unusual technologies, with the acquisition of a solar powered flying drone developer that aims to deliver internet access to rural areas. more

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Google Deploying Heartbleed Patch for Android Smartphones

Google is deploying a security patch for one variant of the Android OS that was vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed security flaw that stunned the internet community last week. more

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