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Apple Censured Over In-App Payments Policies

Apple has been censured by the European Union after it failed to amend adverts for mobile apps that encourage in-app payments. more

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Google Revenues Surge, but Miss Profits Expectations

Google has reported surging revenues that beat analysts forecasts, and a profit that was up by a quarter, but missing forecasts. more

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Aptoide Accuses Google of Crushing Independent App Stores

Portuguese app store, Aptoide has filed a complaint with the European Union competition authorities calling for an investigation into Google's dominance of the Android app market. more

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Google Buys 60Ghz Wireless Developer

Google has bought a US start-up that is working on a 60Ghz wireless technology for an undisclosed amount. more

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Emergency Services Sent to Rescue Crashed Google Balloon

New Zealand's emergency services were called out to rescue one of Google's test Wi-Fi broadcasting balloons. more

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Researchers finds thousands of secret keys in Android apps

Google has started scanning Android apps uploaded to its app store to warn developers if they have included a potential security flaw in their code. more

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Google, YouTube Remain Inaccessible In Tajikistan

Internet users in Tajikistan report that Google services, including YouTube and the Gmail electronic mail system, remain inaccessible, despite protests by international organizations. more

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Google Planning Radical Overhaul of User Interfaces for Android 5.0

Google is looking to tidy up the sometimes somewhat variable user interfaces across its various services and mobile phones for a new review that should see them all converge around a single concept. more

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Google Scans Emails for Android Calendar Updates

Google has started testing a facility that learns what users are discussing in the Gmail email conversations and then creates calendar reminders for them automatically. more

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Google Preparing Move into Mobile Health Market

Google is said to be planning a move into the increasingly crowded health-tracking market with the launch of its own health service later this month. more

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