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Google Disappoints Investors as Ad Rates Decline

Google's shares have declined over concerns that its advertising rates are declining, despite posting higher overall revenues. more

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Potential use of Google Glass in surgical settings

An article recently published in the International Journal of Surgery shows the potential applications for Google Glass in the surgical setting, particularly in relation to training. more

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Google Buys High-Altitude Solar Powered Plane Developer

Google has continued its investment in unusual technologies, with the acquisition of a solar powered flying drone developer that aims to deliver internet access to rural areas. more

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Google Deploying Heartbleed Patch for Android Smartphones

Google is deploying a security patch for one variant of the Android OS that was vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed security flaw that stunned the internet community last week. more

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Google Targeting Corporate Users with Next Android OS Upgrade

Google is said to be working improving how the Android OS appeals to corporate users as it targets the growing BYOD market, and the BlackBerry userbase. more

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Ray-Ban partners with Google Glass for New Sunglasses

The company behind the Ray-Ban range of sunglasses has announced a collaboration with Google to develop Google Glass based eyeglasses. more

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Google Adds Personalisation to Android Keyboard

Google has released an update to its Android keyboard app that now pulls in suggestions from other apps and services that the user is logged into. more

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Google Ordered to Pay $85 Million for Infringing Android Patent

Google has been ordered to make a payment of US$85 million for infringing an Android patent owned by the patent holding company SimpleAir. more

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Google Settles YouTube Copyright Case with Viacom

Google and US media giant, Viacom have settled a long running court dispute over copyright of video clips uploaded to the YouTube website. more

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Unwired Planet Sues Samsung, Google and Huawei for Patent Infringement

Unwired Planet has announced that it is filing patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung, Google and Huawei in both the UK and in Germany. more

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