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Apple iPhone's Halo Effect Yet to Reach Software Developers

Sliding software prices have damped the halo effect many music and software companies expected from selling their products through Apple's iPhone software store. more

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Apple's iPhone Dials Up a New Deferred Cash Hoard

Buyers of Apple's iPhone 3G typically sign two-year contracts when they purchase the swanky $525 device. But rather than record all the revenue at once, the iconic computer company will post roughly 72 cents in sales every day over the life of each of those contracts. more

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Apple's iPhone Must Avoid the Razr Trap

The maker of a hot-selling revolutionary phone cuts its price to spur more mass-market demand. Sound familiar? That happened to the Razr, and while the move spurred sales for a while, Motorola couldn't duplicate the success because it failed to innovate. more

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Cisco Unveils Open Wireless Product to Boost Mobile Presence

Cisco Systems has high hopes its new mobile services platform, which the company is opening up to outside developers, will boost company's presence in the wireless arena. more

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Apple Working With Salesforce on iPhone Applications

Apple's iPhone cellphone appears to be gaining more interest from businesses, which could end up being a blow to Palm and Research in Motion.  more

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Apple Slashes iPhone Price

Apple surprisingly cut the price of its iPhone on Wednesday, slashing the price of the 8-gigabyte model to $399 from $599 barely two months of the much ballyhooed device's launch. more

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UPDATE: Nokia Jumps Into Online Music, Adds New Phones

Nokia, the world's largest phone maker by sales, Wednesday launched a new online music store and gaming service, and three new music phones, in a bid to rival Apple's iPhone in the build up to the lucrative Christmas trading period. more

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Apple must act to Maintain iPhone Sales Momentum - Analysts

With the launch over, the lines evaporated and the initial buzz fading, Apple now faces its next iPhone challenge - keeping the marketplace momentum going." more

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Nokia Hunts For The Business User

LONDON (Dow Jones) -- With the BlackBerry off the endangered-species list and Microsoft homing in on the market for phones that double as e-mail devices, Nokia is on the prowl for its own corporate-customer base.  more

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Nokia Sees Shortages Of N90 Phone Due To Strong Demand

STOCKHOLM -(Dow Jones)- Nokia Corp. (NOK) is seeing shortages of its much-hyped N90 camera phone due to strong initial demand, a spokesman told Dow Jones Newswires Monday.  more

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