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Mozilla Drops Plans for Low-Cost Firefox OS Smartphones

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser and smartphone OS has dropped its attempt to muscle in on the low-cost smartphone market. more

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Firefox Revamps Web Browser for Android Devices

The Firefox web browser for Android smartphones has been revamped with a new home screen and sharing features. more

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Mozilla Pushes Firefox Apps onto Android Phones

Mozilla has recognised that one of the big problems it will face in promoting its own Firefox OS for smartphones is the issue of encouraging app developers to port apps to its platform. more

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Mozilla to Sell $25 Smartphone in India

Mozilla, the web browser developer that has its own smartphone OS has announced plans for a low-cost smartphone based on its own Firefox software. more

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Mozilla Starts Taking Pre-Orders for its Firefox Smartphone

Mozilla has started accepting pre-orders from developers who want to try out the Firefox OS on a reference smartphone. more

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Firefox to Serve Adverts onto Users Home Pages

Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox web browser has elaborated on plans that could see adverts placed on the home page when users start using the browser. more

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Mozilla Names New Interim CEO to Lead Firefox Development

The Mozilla Foundation has named another company insider as its interim CEO as it recovers from the controversy over the appointment of its last short-lived leader. more

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Mozilla CEO Resigns After Just One Week

The short-lived controversy over the appointment of a new CEO at the Mozilla Foundation has come to a swift conclusion, after Brendan Eich chose to resign. more

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Website Asks Users to Ditch Firefox Web Browser in Gay Rights Row

The increasingly controversial choice of new CEO for the Mozilla Foundation has resulted in one major website starting to recommend that its users switch away from using the Firefox web browser. more

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Mozilla Directors Resign Following Appointment of New CEO

Half the board of directors at the not-for-profit group, Mozilla have resigned following the appointment of Brendan Eich as its new CEO. more

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