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Small Cell Vendors Race to Fulfill Operator Demand for LTE

The Femto Forum today announced strong uptake of its small cell LTE APIs (Application Platform Interfaces), including the first deployment. 17 manufacturers have so far adopted the APIs for their upcoming LTE products. more

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First Software Development Kit for Femtocells Announced

Telecom Italia, in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent and Accenture, has announced the launch of the industry's first standards-based software development kit (SDK) for the creation of femtocell applications.  more

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3G Femtocells Now Outnumber Conventional 3G Base Stations

There are now more 3G femtocells in use than there are 3G base stations, according to a study commissioned by the Femto Forum. more

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Smartphone Apps to Know When they Are Connected to a Femtocell

The Femto Forum has announced the relapse of a set of industry-wide agreed set of API specifications that mobile app developers can use to detect when a handset is connected to a FemtoCell and take advantage of the usually higher mobile data speeds. more

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Femto Forum Focuses on Management with Second Plugfest

The Femto Forum, the independent industry and operator association that supports femtocell deployment worldwide, today announced it has successfully completed its second plugfest which focused on femtocell management. more

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Femto Forum Publishes APIs to Advance LTE Interoperability

The Femto Forum has published a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) which help enable LTE femtocell semiconductors and protocol software stacks from different vendors to interoperate.  more

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Just over Half of US Consumers interested in Femtocells - Survey

Femtocells appeal to the majority of US broadband householders with mobile phones and that there is a willingness to pay for the devices and associated new services,  more

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Femto Forum Outlines Case For Mobile Data Offload Using Femtocells

Trade association, the Femto Forum has outlined the case for offload using femtocells in a publicly available white paper. Uniquely, femtocell offload allows users to use all their existing services, whether voice, data or SMS, and all cellular devices. more

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Survey Finds Femtocells Appeal to 56% of US Consumers

A survey on U.S. consumer attitudes on femtocells found that more than half of U.S. broadband households with mobile phones are interested in femtocell benefits, and are willing to pay for the devices and associated new services. more

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WiMAX Forum Publishes Femtocell Standard

The WiMAX Forum and the Femto Forum have jointly announced the publication of the first WiMAX femtocell standard allowing vendors to start developing standardized femtocells and associated network equipment based on the IEEE 802.16e radio interface and profiles. more

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