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US Regulator Planning Largest Spectrum Auction Since 2008

The USA's telecoms regulator has announced plans to auction off 65Mhz of radio spectrum. This will be the largest block made available for auction since the 700 MHz band was auctioned in 2008.  more

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Government Funded Improvements to Rural Phone Coverage for Alaska

The US telecoms regulator, the FCC has announced that Alaska's General Communication is eligible to receive US$41.4 million for rural 3G/4G wireless projects as part of its Tribal Mobility Fund Phase I. more

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US Regulator Raises $1.56 billion from Radio Spectrum Auction

The US telecoms regulator completed its H-Block radio spectrum auction last week, and raised US$1.564 billion from the sale, which matched the reserve price set by the regulator. more

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US Regulator Pushes for Most Support for Emergency Text Messaging Services

The USA's telecoms regulator, the FCC has issued a ruling that more mobile networks should support the facility for contacting emergency services via text message. more

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Fitch: Overturned Net Neutrality Positive for Cable/Telecom

Yesterday's U.S. Court of Appeals decision on net neutrality, if it is not appealed to the Supreme Court by the FCC, is a long-term positive for cable and telecom providers that removes regulatory restrictions on potential data services business models, according to Fitch Ratings. more

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US Court Partially Overturns Net Neutrality Regulations

The USA's Court of Appeals has partially overturned a regulatory ruling that imposed so-called net neutrality rules on internet services in the country. more

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US Regulator Using Smartphone App to Map Mobile Broadband Speeds

The US telecoms regulator has released an Android app that will map the quality of mobile broadband speeds across the country. more

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USA to Promote LTE Interoperability in the Lower 700MHz Band

The US telecoms regulator has approved plans for a voluntary industry agreement that will establish interoperable LTE service in the Lower 700 MHz band. more

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Redline Gets Regulatory Authority for White-Spaces WLAN Equipment

Redline Communications says that its wireless broadband system for the sub-700 MHz frequency bands -- the so-called television white space -- has been certified by both the US and Canadian telecoms regulators. more

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Telecoms Regulaotrs to Clamp Down on Spoofed Called ID

The telecoms regulators in Canada, USA and UK have jointly announced plans to clamp down on the faking of caller identify numbers sent when one person calls another. more

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