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Facebook Takes Steps to Evade Net Neutrality Row

Facebook has taken steps to try and calm the flames over its net-neutrality busting service by opening it up to 3rd-party developers. more

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Facebook App Tops Smartphone Battery Drain Charts

Aside from the usual suspects like games and social media, streaming and even pre-installed apps are the most likely to chew smartphone or tablet battery and storage, more

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Operators to Suffer $14B in Lost Revenues This Year, as OTTs Take Market Share

A new report has claimed that voice and messaging traffic lost to OTT (Over The Top) players such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype will cost network operators $14 billion in revenues globally this year, up by 26% on 2013. more

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Facebook, Ericsson and XL Axiata improve network performance

Network-wide optimization implemented through the joint project delivered up to 70 percent improvement in app coverage. more

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Russia Asks Facebook, Gmail, Twitter To Register As Information Distributors

Russia's mass media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has officially asked social network Facebook, e-mail service Gmail, and microblogging site Twitter to register in Russia as \"organizers of information distribution.\"  more

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Afghanistan Rejects Facebook Ban Amid Election Tensions

The Afghan government has rejected a proposal to ban Facebook during the current election crisis. more

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Telenor Supports Executive in Thailand's Facebook Blocking Scandal

Norway's Telenor has apologised for the comments made by a senior manager at its Thai subsidiary about the blocking of the Facbook website, but stopped short of saying that he was wrong in his comments. more

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Researchers finds thousands of secret keys in Android apps

Google has started scanning Android apps uploaded to its app store to warn developers if they have included a potential security flaw in their code. more

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Facebook Refreshes Tablet App to Focus on Games and Adverts

Facebook has refreshed its tablet app to make better use of the larger screens, and serve more adverts. more

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Facebook Adds Easy Video Sending to Mobile Apps

Facebook is continuing to play catch up with the other major OTT messaging apps, and has released an upgrade to its own Messenger app to make sharing of media files easier. more

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