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LTE Networks Rolling out at 2.6Ghz Pending Lower Spectrum Availability

According to a new survey, almost half of mobile operators planning to launch LTE networks will do so initially in the 2.6GHz band, although many of these launches are dependent on the licensing of new spectrum over the next two to four years. more

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LTE Infrastructure Spending to Soar in Next Four Years

Mass deployment of LTE wireless infrastructure is beginning in 2011 as many carriers in the United States and Europe seek to migrate their networks to 4G over the next three years. During this time, spending on LTE infrastructure gear will expand to $27.9 billion globally more

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LTE to Overcome WiMAX and Dominate 4G Shipments

Driven by widespread mobile network operator adoption, LTE will have more than nine times as many subscribers as WiMAX by 2014, more

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LTE Services in the US Will Generate More than $11 Billion in 2015

When it comes to mobile network infrastructure discussions, LTE is the name on everyone's lips. Yet the very meaning of the acronym - "Long-Term Evolution" - is a hint that it isn't going to happen overnight.  more

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LTE Revenues to Exceed $200bn Globally by 2015

According to a new Juniper Research report, the first beneficiaries of LTE mobile broadband networks will be business users based in developed countries, led by the US and Japan amongst other countries. more

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LTE Growth Will See a Bumpy Road to Nearly 115 Million Subscribers by 2014

While LTE is destined to become the dominant wireless airlink, several formidable challenges will make its widespread adoption go slower than many expect. more

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Two Billion Covered by 3G and LTE/WiMAX Data Services

Latest figures from ABI Research indicates that there are currently more than 500 3G network commitments, and over 300 WiMAX and LTE announcements worldwide. more

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4G LTE Revenues Projected to Exceed $100bn Globally in 2014

According to a new report from Juniper Research, worldwide service revenues generated by LTE mobile networks are forecast to grow quickly once networks are launched, reaching $100 billion by 2014.  more

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Weak growth in over-hyped mobile data traffic dampens need for LTE

Mobile network operators can easily meet the demands on their networks at the current growth rates without huge investment in LTE, and could even emerge from the initial phase of market growth with substantially improved revenue-per-byte rates and much healthier margins, more

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New Risks for Digital Dividend Caused by LTE Interference

A European trade association, Cable Europe has warned of potential problems with radio interference in the planned Digital Dividend radio spectrum if used for LTE services. more

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