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EMT Launches LTE-A in Estonia

Estonia's EMT has announced the launch of LTE-A services, offering theoretical peak download speeds of up to 300Mbps. more

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Estonia's EMT to Scrap Per-Megabyte Charging for Mobile Data Users

Estonia's EMT has announced that it is scrapping its per-megabyte charging policy for mobile data users, and will instead apply a daily charge for a lump of download allowance. more

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Ericsson expands EMT's LTE network nationwide in Estonia

Estonian mobile network operator EMT has deployed its LTE network six months earlier than expected, according to equipment vendor, Ericsson. more

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EMT Expanding LTE Coverage to 95% of Estonian Population by the End of 2013

EMT launched its LTE network in in 2010, and it currently covers 75 percent of the country's population. The network will be available throughout the whole country by the end of 2014. more

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Over Half of EMT Customers Now Selecting LTE Services

Estonian mobile network, EMT says that so far this month, over half of its new mobile data subscriptions have been sold to customers use LTE devices. more

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EMT's Smartphone Sales up by 66 Percent

Estonia's EMT says that its sales of smartphones were up by 66 percent over the past year. This compared to a global average increase in sales of 47 percent. more

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Estonian Network to Block Inbound SMS from Untrusted Overseas Senders

Estonian mobile network, EMT says that it is to start blocking inbound text messages which originate from servers of foreign operators with whom EMT has no messaging agreement. more

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Estonians Vote in Parliamentary Election by Mobile Phone

TeliaSonera's subsidiary, the mobile operator EMT in Estonia, has created a world's first mobile identification service which makes it possible to vote via a mobile phone. more

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TeliaSonera Launches LTE Services in Estonia

TeliaSonera has launched the first commercial LTE services in Estonia to customers in the city centres of Tallinn, Tartu, Kohila, and at IT College of Tallinn University of Technology.  more

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Operator News in Brief - 1st Mar 2010

Daily summaries of short news items relating to the mobile networks. more

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